All About the Digital Delivery Manager

A Digital delivery manager oversees teams of technical professionals focused on continual improvement, problem-solving, and value delivery to customers. 

Digital delivery managers are primarily concerned with providing technical solutions to support product development and sales team activities. They may be responsible for the development of an application. But, their primary responsibility is to ensure that the application is delivered on time.

Let’s explore more about the challenges they are facing. 

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What are the Challenges of Digital Delivery Manager?

One of the key challenges of digital delivery managers is to understand all of the technology and tools that are available to help them in their role. This includes not just understanding technology platforms but also understanding how to use them. As well as when and where to use them.

Another challenge is changing the culture in product and sales organizations to allow for speed and flexibility. The challenge is that existing product and sales organizations are typically focused on slow, waterfall-styled development cycles. 

Finally, digital delivery managers must learn to balance both technical expertise with business acumen. While they are responsible for developing the technical specifications for software applications, they are equally responsible for ensuring that timelines are met. As well as the quality is maintained, and the business objectives of the company are met.

How Do They Overcome Such Challenges?

Digital delivery managers must understand the technologies they are using to be able to answer questions from their internal development team and customers. They must also be technologically literate so that they can manage any problems that may arise when implementing new technology.

In product and sales organizations, digital delivery managers must ensure that they have the flexibility to change when required. This can mean ensuring that the right technology platforms are in place for different teams. Or ensuring that the right team is in place to achieve business objectives. In either case, flexibility is key.

Finally, digital delivery managers must understand the business objectives of their organization. Also, work with both engineering and sales teams to determine how best to achieve these objectives. These business objectives can include a variety of things, such as increasing revenue, reducing churn, or ensuring a smooth migration to a new platform. 

How Much Do They Earn?

The average salary for a digital delivery manager is £57,775 in the UK, £35,440 in the US, and AU$77,066 in Australia. 

Are There Any Other Roles Similar to the Digital Delivery Manager? 

The closest role to the digital delivery manager is the project manager. However, the focus of a project manager is not to deliver a product or service but to ensure that a project is completed on time and within budget. 

Digital delivery managers are also similar to product managers, but the digital delivery manager is focused more on technology, whereas the product manager is focused on the product roadmap. 

Finally, digital delivery managers are similar to sales engineers, but digital delivery managers are not focused on selling technology to their customers, but on ensuring that the technology is implemented correctly. 

To Conclude

Digital delivery managers must be able to solve problems and take actions that move the project forward. In short, digital delivery managers do a lot of different things, and they have a lot on their plate. If you’re interested in this role, then it is worth considering.

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