Digital Operations Manager Job Description Guide In The Next Normal

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Digital Operations Manager Job Description Guide In The Next Normal

We seek a results-driven, entrepreneurial, and challenge-driven digital marketing operations manager with strong leadership and people skills to lead, guide, and propel our digital marketing department to new heights of success.

If you have the necessary abilities, you can become the chief chef in our digital marketing kitchen. If you are chosen for this position, you will need to select the appropriate components and manage your resources carefully to provide the greatest possible dish (results).

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You’re in capable hands. They hold themselves to a high level by taking ownership of their work and refuse to point fingers when issues emerge.

The Ideal Standard

You do expect to have the same degree of drive and devotion as your ideal applicant. You are ambitious and driven by a desire for growth and progress. While you are proud of your professional achievements, you do for to continue pushing the envelope.

You are not a “credit hog” who seeks all the limelight. Also, you understand that success does not happen in a vacuum. You give credit where credit is due and understand that (T)together (E)everyone (A)Achieves (M)ore! Teamwork is more than a buzzword. It’s in your blood.

You can think outside the box, extend yourself, and find unique approaches to increase performance as a creative digital marketing operations manager.

You’re humble enough to admit that you don’t have all the solutions. And if your greatest attempts fail, you may learn from your errors. Failure turns into an opportunity if you have self-awareness and inner strength.

How to Succeed in this Changing Role

To succeed in this dynamic job, you must have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. To organize input, information, and project deliverables, as well as the procedures necessary to create them, you must be able to communicate with your team members and other stakeholders.

Excellent communication skills will assist you in implementing the firm’s digital marketing strategy. Also, it instills and upholding corporate values. Thus, it means you must always walk and radiate a drive for continual learning and growth.

Remember, you must be the cook in the kitchen, but you will not be performing any of the cooking.

As a result, you will need to allocate relevant tasks to the right employees and oversee accordingly to complete the work.

It would help if you also were organized and plan ahead of time. This is because your normal day will include the creation of project reports. These include supplier proposals, price lists, memos, contracts, and other documents.

Here is what we require from you.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities.
  • Ability to communicate technical knowledge and concepts to a non-technical audience.
  • A minimum of five years of agency or client-side expertise providing digital marketing communication and strategy is required.
  • Extensive experience creating integrated digital solutions across many media and platforms (e.g., email, push messaging, and social media).
  • Knowledge of enterprise campaign tools such as Marketo or Salesforce.
  • To create end-to-end digital marketing campaigns and deliverables, active cooperation and proper engagement with internal departments require.
  • In a fast-paced workplace, the ability to handle many entities and tasks at once. These, including different stakeholders and campaigns, require.
  • Extensive knowledge of A/B testing and multivariate studies.
  • Solid understanding of campaign tracking, analysis, and reporting.
  • SEO, SEM, PPC, Email, Paid Media, and Social Media Experience

Key Competencies and Responsibilities

  • Boost marketing effectiveness and efficiency across the organization.
  • Drive campaign delivery by making strategic and technological decisions.
  • Manage all digital communications. These including e-commerce websites, internet marketing, social media, public relations, and events.
  • To enhance team productivity, use activity networks and critical path analysis tools. Also, it includes Process Constraint Management, Gantt Chart, Agile approach, and CPM/ PERT networks to help staff keep job focus.
  • Lead and oversee the agency’s creative and media teams to create and deliver campaigns on time and on a budget for clients.
  • Create client and internal documentation for a variety of accounts.
  • Ensure that assets and deadlines are delivered efficiently, consistently, and on time.
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