The ING Digital Transformation

What is the following lesson the ING, digital transformation gives? Also, let us know how these things help us adopt in technology.

ING Digital Transformation

The Internationale Nederlanden Groep is a global financail instituation. Has a powerful European base that offers baning services.

They have experience and expertise for their commitment to excellent service. So ING is implementing digital transformation for their business.

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What are the lessons we get from ING for digital transformation? It has three cultural lessons we get.

The first is to start listening to the customer and other employees. They are innovators that value real change.

ING has make5 billion profit new that grows in 40 companies. Also, they have 40 million customers and employ around 54 thousand people.

As an innovator, they think it a certain way for big ideas and adventure over. They struggle with a lack of patience in letting our great ideas take root.

So it requires what you think and how you react to listening carefully to who are saying. It means we need to focus on the conversation for a great idea.

Also, to know the great priorities that can solve our problems. 

Mental And Physical Space

ING is known as moving towards to know the targets. So they have grown usual to corporate ground rules.

Which define their success and failure such as joining of being fire with punishment. Knowing what natural step to continues to hit the reward they receive.

They do the practice test and learn the culture. Then turning innovation from a tiny basement experiment into a cost center of time.

So budget and mindshare of the team are dedicated to the distribution and develop ideas. It is moving with the greatest potential into a longer-term investment.

Creative thinking getting outside your comfort zone happens within your environment. But ING has a mission for empowering the customer for banking.

To help you with the financial future in your hand. So you can spread wider for your transformative finance service.

They have innovative tactics to help you transcending banking with a real estate project. Moreover, using the banking of thing that initial connection.

With a bigger scale value of crossbreed that allows for easy payment.

Measurable Change

The value of time is being in a measured change. It has moved fast but you need to be patient. 

So keep in your eye the near term of having a long game mind. The leader of ING has experience in banking with different looks.

Then making incremental changes will ensure you stick around you will get success. So the lesson we get from innovators is significant change takes time.

We need a patient like ING to build for 20 years ago. But they have the ambition to be work as a worldwide bank.

Look at them now their ambition has come. There are miscalculations in terms of scale and potential.

The internet has one impact that leaps the banking institute. It has greater connectivity that becomes a collectible part of the public.

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