What is a Digital Project Manager Kick-Off Meeting?

Know more about the Digital Project Manager kick-off meeting. What does it mean and what does it cover? Find out in this section. 

What is a Digital Project Manager Kick-Off Meeting?

A Kick-off meeting for a project is an important meeting that typically occurs at the beginning of the project. The meeting is usually attended by the project manager, his team, other project stakeholders, and the sponsor.

The objective of having this meeting is to introduce the project team, to go over the overall scope of the project, to develop a plan for how to execute the project, and to get buy-in from all involved parties.

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Digital Project Manager Kick-Off Meeting Areas

The kick-off meeting should cover the following areas:

1. Introductions

Introduce everyone on the team, including people who are remote or who are not present at the meeting. Establish roles and responsibilities for each person present This will help them understand their role in executing the project.

2. Project Overview/Scope

Discuss what is in scope and what is out of scope. The project manager should outline what he expects from every member of his team to complete this project successfully (or at least that’s what he should be trying to do). 

Everyone must understand that how they execute their tasks will affect how successful this project will be. If you start with an unrealistic timeline or budget, your chances of success are slim to none. You can always change course later but you should at least start with realistic expectations.

3. Team Expectations

Discuss what is expected of people on your team in terms of communication, time commitment, and availability, etc… This should include but not limited to: 

  • Communication Expectations – how often someone needs to communicate with you (minutes per week) 
  • Time Commitment – hours per week 
  • Availability – when someone needs to be available when working remotely (if applicable) 
  • Reporting Structure – who reports to whom 
  • Conflict Resolution – how conflicts between team members will be resolved. Discuss any other issues that may affect workflow or deadlines for this project

4. Issues Resolution Process

This part is crucial for this kick-off meeting to be effective! Review potential issues or problems that could arise during this project and discuss possible resolutions for them. This way if one of these issues comes up, we already have a plan of action ready and we don’t have to waste time brainstorming on what we’re going to do next!

5. Project Timeline and Deliverables

Discuss how long you expect this project to take as well as what deliverables you expect from your team members. The project manager should discuss how long he thinks this project will take and the deliverables that he expects from each team member. This will help you make a realistic timeline for your deliverables and will help you figure out if you need to add more people to this team. 

6. Team Member Commitment

Discuss your commitment to this project. Accountability is an important part of being a team member in a project. You have to have the knowledge that if you commit to something then you’re going to deliver it on time and in a quality manner. If everyone on the team doesn’t have a commitment level of at least 80% then this kick-off meeting won’t be effective no matter what!

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